Personalized Consulting and Workshopping

What is workshopping?

Writing workshop promotes a collaborative environment among writers that encourages continued growth. Sitting down one-on-one with someone who takes interest in my work and getting honest, practical, and valuable feedback on it has always been and still is my very favorite way to develop my writing. I believe in it so much that I don’t edit without it!

I want to show you how valuable one-on-one consulting can be.

Whether we do one thirty minute session or we have a standing monthly meeting, we will work together to make you a more talented, efficient, and professional writer. Ready to put your writing out into the world? We can discuss your overall vision for your work as well as dive deeper into the publishing process as you begin that journey.

Teamwork makes the budget-friendly dream work.

While nothing can replace the thorough quality of the traditional editing process, it is a meticulous skill that’s priced accordingly. If a full edit of your work just doesn’t fit your budget, don’t fret! I will work with you to determine more specific things that we can pointedly focus on; the questions I ask you before we get started are designed to get you thinking about teachable and specific needs that you have. Regardless of the time we spend together, I will take a considerable amount of time studying the answers to these questions and will provide you detailed, high-quality feedback that you can continue to use time and time again. Our phone consultation will provide you considerable time to ask me questions and to address any concerns or ideas that you may come up with.

Just as a reminder: booking my consultation services alone does not include editing a specific piece of work. Please visit this page for my editing services.

Ready to move forward? Yay! Shoot me an inquiry below with a few details about what you’re looking for, which consulting package you are interested in, and what deadline you have, if any. I will get back to you in a jiff with my availability and additional info and we will get this show on the road!

Ready to go? Still have questions?