Editing Services

Do you have a fully or partially-completed manuscript in need of editing? Is your intention to publish this manuscript? Or, if you aren’t looking to publish it in the traditional sense, will it be put out in front of people? Does it represent you or your company’s brand in any way? Does it need to be clear, easy to read, and well-versed?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, utilizing copy editing services for your writing is highly recommended in order to ensure that you are putting out your most clear and effective writing possible.

How can I help?

Once you’ve determined that I can help you, it’s important to start thinking about how you want me to help. Perhaps this comes as a surprise to you, but there are several types of editing styles, each that put an emphasis on slightly different aspects to the process. I’ve listed these below! Sidebar: if you read this and still have NO idea what type of editing you are looking for, no worries at all! I can help you figure that out. This is more of a quick reference to familiarize yourself with the process early-on:

Developmental Editing: This is the big picture kind of stuff. Developmental editing edits for the overall theme, character development (if applicable), and for the overall story the author is trying to tell. While developmental editing is used largely in books or full-length manuscripts, it can also be a helpful part of other writing as well!

Copy Editing: Copy editing looks at the tone, readability, and flow of a piece of writing. Through copy editing, I make sure that the manuscript is easy to read, makes sense, and will keep the reader hooked. Fun fact: copy editing is my favorite! I have lots of experience editing for online blogs, and copy editing is crucial in that process.

Line Editing: Do you remember learning how to use editing marks in school? If not, I feel super old, ha! But, that’s a good way to remember what line editing is. Line editing checks the mechanics of your piece and fixes grammar, spelling, and punctuation among other things.

Proofreading: This should be the final step of any editing process. Proofreading takes a (typically) edited manuscript and provides one final run-through, aiming to find and correct any last-minute errors or unnoticed mistakes.

The Bottom Line: There are several types of editing available to best fit your needs. Oftentimes, writers will determine they need multiple types of editing. This is normal! And really, a fully-edited manuscript will take each of these four types of editing to fully refine and perfect the piece. Still not sure what type of editing you need? That’s okay! Send me a message below and I will create a plan, customized especially for you!

What you’ll get:

Regardless of what type of editing I will be doing to your piece, I personally read your entire manuscript or copy word by word. I fix grammatical errors and check for run-on sentences or paragraphs that don’t flow well. I make sure that the words flow in a way that is easy to read and that makes the most sense. I provide helpful comments within the margins to guide you through my decision-making process. I have complete, hands-on access to your work, and I get deep into the details.

The full package.

Because I believe that all creative work is collaborative, I couldn’t sincerely offer any editing services without also offering space for me to learn about your work and time for us to talk about what that looks like in depth. That said, all editing services include a complimentary 30 minute, one-on-one consultation with me where we discuss all the changes and feedback that I will provide to you plus ample time for you to ask questions and address any concerns or additional ideas. Have a large-scale project? Let’s talk about how we can bundle editing and consulting services!

So, how much does this cost?

In an effort to be transparent, I will admit it: it’s hard to say. Each manuscript that comes across my desk is different, and has very different needs. It doesn’t feel right to put each piece into the same types of boxes. That’s why I aim to create a custom plan and quote for you so that I can help you in the best way possible! Pro tip: noting your budget when submitting an inquiry will help me plan something affordable for you.

One of my biggest passions is making the editing process as affordable as possible. It’s a necessary step to publishing anything, so why shouldn’t it be? And while I can’t tell you exactly how much it would cost to edit your specific manuscript, I can tell you this: I charge anywhere from $30-$45/hour for editing services (depending on the type of editing), and I can edit an AVERAGE of 1,000 words per hour (of course, this also depends on the type of editing I’m doing.) Knowing this can help you at least estimate what the cost will be to work with me, and can help you budget accordingly. Don’t forget, I do also offer consulting services, which you can find more about here.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out! If you’re ready to get this going, shoot me an inquiry below with your project word count and deadline and we will be on our way!

Ready to go? Still have questions?